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In Other Words...

Maybe I Should Have Kept My Pants On!

Erica Sanderz
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Hi internet people :) I am Erica and this is my journal of day to day life. I Am 30 years old and live in Cloverdale BC Canada, A smallish town outside of Vancouver BC. I work part time in health care and full time as the worlds greatest house wife! Okay maybe not the greatest but pretty darn good. I am married to the worlds greatest man...okay not the greatest but Richard Gere is taken so I settled for the second best, Kevin! He and I are were married in Vegas and are currently working on rocking the newlywed thing.

Kevin and I share our life with two little furbabies, Muffin and Belle. Muffin is a Havanesse poddle and Belle is just a bad house cat. BAD!

We are a pretty typical couple who does pretty typical things. I am a little nuts, but aren't we all? I try to be healthy and sometimes you can't be healthy and sane ;)